Maintenance to marine engine a must

A regular service to your engine prevents problems and prolongs the life span of your marine/diesel engine. The maintenance schedule is in most cases annual. Our experienced engineers will happily perform the sevice for you. Please contact us without any further obligations to plan a service to your engine at a location of your choice or in our workshop in IJmuiden or Harlingen.

Work to be carried out during a service are i.e.:

■ refresh the oil
■ replace oil- and fuel filters
■ visual inspection of the V-belt
■ visual inspection of the gearbox
■ visual inspection of the impeller on the external water pump
■ checking of the rubbers
■ checking and / or alignment of the propellor
■ inspection of the internal coolant system, coolant filter and status

Prevention is better than healing

We would like to offer the tip to get to know your own engine/engines. In such a way you can immediately recognize the signals of a malfunction or damage.  If action is taken quickly high costs can usually be prevented.

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