Reviseren of overhalen van scheepsdieselmotoren zit in ons DNA

Overhaul of your maine/diesel engine prolongs the life of it. That could easily be dosens of years and therefore saves time and money. The overhaul / revision of an engine is always a great job to do, as it looks like new after the overhaul! Another big advantage of the overhaul is that the engines foundations do not need to be adjusted either. After the revision it maintains its strength and stiffness, so the engine can be placed back.

Overhaul of all types of marine / diesel engines

If you have an engine with a reputable name, like Deutz, Wärtsila, MAK, MAN, Scania or Caterpillar. It doesn’t matter to us for the overhaul. We would  We are also happy to overhaul any other engine type for you!

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